Whether or not fashion is important to you, it matters when it comes to landing your dream job. When deciding what to wear to an interview, you to ensure you fit in with what everyone else wears at the company and wear appropriate clothing, but also stand out. This can be challenging. Although it varies by industry and company, thinking carefully about what you wear to an interview essential. Of course your CV and answers are important too, but your outfit may make you stand out compared to another candidate with similar experiences and qualifications. Your outfit is also the first thing the interviewer will see – first impressions are crucial.

During your first interaction is where they will size you up – from your handshake to your shoes. Imagine if your nail varnish is all chipped and your shoes are dirty? They will notice. They may assess you based on your appearance because that is all they know about you. The interviewer will need to be able to view you filling that role. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean showing up in a black pencil skirt with a white blouse does it?

Don’t be afraid of colours. Wearing a block colour, such a blouse, shirt, tie or scarf can be a nice way to stand out. The employer will be looking for someone friendly and confident – a drop of colour to your outfit could do this. But you don’t want to go too crazy! Take a look at some examples I have found.

what to wear

More importantly, be comfortable in your outfit


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