“Passion for fashion” may sound a bit cliche, but oh how true it is.

From a young age, I would beg my mum to buy me the weekly and monthly fashion magazines and would spend hours reading through them, cutting out my favourite trends (which I’d later beg my mum to buy for me), cutting them out and sticking them in my scrapbook. This was something that came from my late nana. She would always tell me to cut out and stick my favourite toys, clothes, make up from magazines and catalogues and stick them in a scrapbook to look back on and for gift ideas! Which obviously was the best part of all… Hello to hours of cutting and sticking hoping they’d all come wrapped prettily under the tree at Christmas!

I found this a fabulous idea and something fun to spend my time doing (other than dressing up my barbie dolls of course). However, I never knew this idea would still continue on into my teenage years and adulthood – fab nana Jean!

Over the years, I’ve carried on buying fashion magazines, such as Look, Grazier, Glamour, Elle and so on. And spent many of my evenings reading through them and then  shopping spending all my money! (For the arrival of post-spending anxiety) I’ve tried different fashion trends, some I do laugh at looking back but I think that’s the fun of fashion.

Fashion trends come and go, some disastrous, and some later come back into fashion while others remain fashionable. I definitely have had some fashion fails, I mean haven’t we all?! But I never regret a fashion choice. That what I love about fashion, you decide on the day (or the night before) your outfit for how you feel on the day, the location of travel, the weather, whether you want to be comfortable or glamorous or just for the hell of it! Every day is different and wonderful.

A favourite quote of mine is:
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe

This quote speaks so much truth. It has taken me yearrrrs to find my style and what I feel comfortable, yet glamorous in. Which has taught me how to feel comfortable in my own skin. Fashions may come and go, but your style always remains who you are… Fabulous duh!


Passion is really an understatement. It’s a love, a hobby, a enthusiasm, a state of happiness and hopefully one day, A career

Ciao for now.



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