“Passion for fashion” may sound a bit cliche, but oh how true it is.

From a young age, I would beg my mum to buy me the weekly and monthly fashion magazines and would spend hours reading through them, cutting out my favourite trends (which I’d later beg my mum to buy for me), cutting them out and sticking them in my scrapbook. This was something that came from my late nana. She would always tell me to cut out and stick my favourite toys, clothes, make up from magazines and catalogues and stick them in a scrapbook to look back on and for gift ideas! Which obviously was the best part of all… Hello to hours of cutting and sticking hoping they’d all come wrapped prettily under the tree at Christmas!

I found this a fabulous idea and something fun to spend my time doing (other than dressing up my barbie dolls of course). However, I never knew this idea would still continue on into my teenage years and adulthood – fab nana Jean!

Over the years, I’ve carried on buying fashion magazines, such as Look, Grazier, Glamour, Elle and so on. And spent many of my evenings reading through them and then  shopping spending all my money! (For the arrival of post-spending anxiety) I’ve tried different fashion trends, some I do laugh at looking back but I think that’s the fun of fashion.

Fashion trends come and go, some disastrous, and some later come back into fashion while others remain fashionable. I definitely have had some fashion fails, I mean haven’t we all?! But I never regret a fashion choice. That what I love about fashion, you decide on the day (or the night before) your outfit for how you feel on the day, the location of travel, the weather, whether you want to be comfortable or glamorous or just for the hell of it! Every day is different and wonderful.

A favourite quote of mine is:
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe

This quote speaks so much truth. It has taken me yearrrrs to find my style and what I feel comfortable, yet glamorous in. Which has taught me how to feel comfortable in my own skin. Fashions may come and go, but your style always remains who you are… Fabulous duh!


Passion is really an understatement. It’s a love, a hobby, a enthusiasm, a state of happiness and hopefully one day, A career

Ciao for now.




I know I haven’t posted for a while, but you know when you just live and enjoy life, sometimes it’s best to just stay in that moment and enjoy it instead of posting online about it all. However, I have missed writing so greatly, that I thought why not get back into it?

One of the things that has been bypassed while ‘living life’ is my diet. I have recently started a new relationship – a few months ago actually – and while this has been an enjoyable time for me, as any new relationship is, it includes eating out a lot and cooking for each other. Due to self-esteem issues I have, I felt like me continuing my vegan diet was me being difficult, and it didn’t want it to stand in the way of getting to know each other. I obviously have now realised, months into the relationship, that that is not the case at all. He wants me to be myself and happy inside my body. You know what this means… Blond vegan is back!

I was so excited to go shopping today and get all my new vegan ingredients, and chuck all the junk food out of the cupboards! It was refreshing, not only because my partner is happy for me doing this, but because I love the feeling of eating fresh foods all home-cooked. Also knowing that the food is doing so much good to me inside.

My shopping list included all the basic ingredients for a healthy, balanced meal:

  • Quinoa
  • Tofu
  • Broccoli, green beans, celery, spinach, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lemons
  • Berries
  • Oats
  • Brown basmati rice
  • Nakd bars (for a sweet treat)
  • Spices (to add flavour to my creations)
  • Water
  • And of course… Skinny bitch! One of the most wonderful books I have read about veganism and dieting.

Veganism is not a diet, it’s a way of life.

Next, is to get back into my yoga!


Whether or not fashion is important to you, it matters when it comes to landing your dream job. When deciding what to wear to an interview, you to ensure you fit in with what everyone else wears at the company and wear appropriate clothing, but also stand out. This can be challenging. Although it varies by industry and company, thinking carefully about what you wear to an interview essential. Of course your CV and answers are important too, but your outfit may make you stand out compared to another candidate with similar experiences and qualifications. Your outfit is also the first thing the interviewer will see – first impressions are crucial.

During your first interaction is where they will size you up – from your handshake to your shoes. Imagine if your nail varnish is all chipped and your shoes are dirty? They will notice. They may assess you based on your appearance because that is all they know about you. The interviewer will need to be able to view you filling that role. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean showing up in a black pencil skirt with a white blouse does it?

Don’t be afraid of colours. Wearing a block colour, such a blouse, shirt, tie or scarf can be a nice way to stand out. The employer will be looking for someone friendly and confident – a drop of colour to your outfit could do this. But you don’t want to go too crazy! Take a look at some examples I have found.

what to wear

More importantly, be comfortable in your outfit



We all say, “once I have lost weight I will be happy” but is that necessarily true?

Thousands of people buy into this weight-loss game, spending huge amounts of money of diet pills, diet plans, exercise DVDs, gym subscriptions etc. Television programmes such as The Biggest Loser and My Big Fat Diet Show are watched by millions and everyone loves a story of dramatic weight loss journey. Oh and the media loves it! But really is it all worth it?

A 2014 University College London study found that people who lost at lest 5 per cent of their body weight were actually significantly worse of psychologically than those who had maintained their weight.

For instance, I lost a significant amount of weight but suffered from great fatigue and felt extremely low, all the while isolating myself from friends and family. My exercise routine and calorie-watching was obsessive and extremely unhealthy.

I slimmed down so low to 35kg, yet I still dread looking at the number on the scales. Yes I may have been ill, but many Britain’s who lose weight actually experience this. You reach your goal weight, yet worry if he number on the scale rises by a pound or two.  Yet people see you as an inspiration and having such great willpower. But all you feel is misery.

Researchers look through the medical records of people who have lost weight to see if there is a correlation between weight loss and mental illness and often find that weight loss can have a negative effect on a person’s mood. However, such studies do you take into account whether a person has lost weight because they wanted to or due to illness.

Clinical studies, on the other hand, may show that weight loss improve quality of life, a person’s mood and self-esteem.  And it seems the more weight people lose, the more benefits in terms of quality of life there are.

However, if someone is restricting their calorie (kilojoule) intake to lose weight, this causes changes in the brain – an increase in stress hormones and dynorphins. Endorphins are what make you happy – when you are in love, eat chocolate and exercise – but dynorphins are the complete opposite. Dynorphins create a feeling of dissatisfaction and can lead to depression and anxiety disorders.

Despite this, some of us still really do need to lose weight. If you feel losing weight is making you sad, fight the dynorphins with endorphins – exercise. Exercise is good for your mental health, losing weight and keeping weight off and regulating your appetite!

Moral of the story: exercise (something of which I need to do more of!!)


With all this in the media about the co-pilot committing suicide flying the Germanwings plane, while sending 150 people to their death, it has sparked me to write this post.

So it has been reported that he was suffering with on-going mental health issues and had actually been signed off of work by his doctor – i’m guessing due to suicidal tendencies and the fact of his job! Yet still he is a “selfish” and “evil”. Yes I completely understand this, he has killed over a hundred people while committing this act but it is some of the things people are saying and I have heard in the past which has inspired this post.

Saying that people with mental health issues have taken “the easy option” by committing suicide could not be further from the truth. Nothing is easy during the phases of mental illnesses, especially not a decision to commit suicide. Secondly, committing suicide is not a selfish act. In most people’s minds who are suffering from an mental illness, it is actually selfless. The illness just takes over you and you think the world would be a better place without you and so by committing suicide, you are saving the world from you.

OK, of course for some people they just want to end their pain, which is completely understandable also – BUT only if you are experienced a mental illness yourself. I understand that many people out there who have not experienced any kind of mental illness will not understand, but the pain of everyday is so tiring and exhausting, sometimes you just want to end it FOR YOURSELF. Yes, there are people who suffer every day with other illnesses or people with cancer who fight for their life, but mental illness affect your brain. People don’t understand you, people may give up supporting you because you don’t listen, you may isolate yourself and be completely alone. BECAUSE OF THE ILLNESS.

While this man may have committed a very selfish act for the families and friends of those lost, appreciate that he was extremely ill and is not a bad man in himself. A lot of “bad people” actually have underlying mental health issues which have caused these actions. I think we need more education and effective diagnosis and treatment to stop such things happening.

And wait, everyone is blaming this man for this but want about Germanwings? Surely there should be psychiatric tests conducted regularly since he is in co-charge of flying a plane of over a hundred people? Since he had to take a break while learning to be a pilot, it wasn’t completely a secret? Hmm…

Let me know of your views below.


understand me

Hiya guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! If you follow my Instagram (blondvegan_) or Facebook (ayse kayabasi) you’ll know it’s because I got a job doing what I love – Social Media! Blogging every damn day #FTW #SwanHappy! While this experience has been amazing and I have had some of the best moments and learnt some fantastic things in the past two weeks, they have also been difficult. Difficult mentally, of course.

A few weeks ago, I lost one of my most important friends. Things change. I told him absolutely everything about me that I only ever shared with my psychiatrist. This hurt a lot. Who was I to speak to now? But it was okay because I had my family surrounding me for support, new friends and of course, my psychiatrist to speak to about what is going through my head.

But Friday I received a letter in the post from my insurance company. They have covered me for four years with my mental health issues which has been amazing, especially these last two years. However, now they consider my illness to be chronic and that I am not going to get better so they won’t pay for my treatment any longer. This means, no more Jeremy. I cried and cried at this news. Although I am getting better and have some very good days, I feel i’d be completely lost without him. I am seeing him Monday to figure out the next steps, but just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He has helped me through the toughest fight of my life and he is the only person now that truly understands me, completely. What am I going to do without him? What am I going to do?

Reach for happiness. 


Now since my school days me and my friends would always search “boys are…” and then laugh at what Google would suggest after. So when the Google annual A Year in Search survey is released every year, I can’t lie I love it. However, I have grown up a bit now and now I am by far most interested in fashion. What caught my eye was the most searched fashion trends – which did make me laugh a little still.


(Source: Getty Images. Image by: Bertrand Guay)

So what was the most Googled fashion trend of 2014? Normcore. And why did this make me laugh? Presumably it was the most searched because nobody had a clue what it was. This dubious trend involves everything from sports-luxe to stonewashed mom jeans to knitwear.  This term turned average looking outfits into phenomenal outfits. This is why I love this trend – everyone can pull off looking like a homeless person right?

The idea behind this trend however, really interests me. It’s tiring and rather expensive trying to be different to achieve fashion status. K-Hole, the founder, has a good point here. So really it is standing out by fitting in. It is being different without shouting about it. Personally, I love it.

Following Normcore is Health Goth, which personally I didn’t have to Google before I had an idea of what it was. Think Goths/punks in sportswear. The term actually comes from Health Goth Facebook page, founded by Mike Graberek, an American musician, and quirky designer Jeremy Scott.

blog 2

(Source: Getty Images. Image by: Randy Brooke)

When Adidas Orginals launched their new collaboration with Mary Katrantzou in October, which seemed impractical to work out in, I knew this was Health Goth and I absolutely loved it! – Another made-up trend which is totally odd, but works. It’s like trackie bottoms and heels? Perfect combo. I wondered how we hadn’t thought of this earlier. It made me feel okay to wear my gym kit all day long without feeling totally uncool.

blog 3

(Souce: Adidas. Image by: Unknown)

Athlesiure comes in at number three, showing that sportswear was a massive part of 2014. Athleisure involves anything from designer leggings to cashmere sweats to layering pieces of rather expensive gym clothes.

blog 4

(Source: Getty Images. Image by: Target Presse)

Both the media and fashion industry used this term without any hesitation; however it threw me a bit. Athletic and leisure are completely opposite terms? You can’t really relax while you’re working out? This trend however turned out to be a massive hit as it targeted women who do yoga to those who just want to look as if they do. Very much like Health Goth, it’s about wearing activewear, but not actually sweating in it.

Much more straightforward searches included over-the-knee boots, full skirts, culottes and mules. Crop tops was up at number five – a nineties trend which has never really disappeared. However, this year, the trend, which has had women working their abs off for, became so big that it even became popular in menswear. Designers have been trying to take off this trend over the last years but thanks to Kid Cudi and his red crop top, 2014 was the year it did. It led to men posting pictures of the abs and um… beer bellies, out on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram using hashtags such as #Boysincroptops2014 and #croptopmovement.

blog 5

(Source: Getty Images. Image by: Kay-Paris Fernandes)

Now, Mod Style may have only come in at number 16, but I couldn’t not mention this trend. But I did wonder when seeing women and men wearing this style if they knew where it had come from? This is why Mod Style making it in the top 20 Google trend searches made me smile. In the late 50s Mod was not only a style but a lifestyle. Short for modernist, mod style was characterised by very bold and bright fashions that would break the traditional image. I have noticed this trend is very popular on the high street in stores such as Urban Outfitters. It includes Mazey’s jackets, oversized jumpers, miniskirts etc. in block colours such as black and white.