Every year on Valentines I see girls being spoiled by their partners – going on romantic trips, getting lots of presents, eating out in over priced restaurants. I have never believed in this, not because I may not have a boyfriend but because why is February 14th the day to show your partner you love them? You should do this every day. You should make your other half feel loved every single day. Randomly take them out for a romantic day. And that is not just men taking out women – try it vice versa.

And not only your partner, what about your friends? Family? Show them you love them each and every day. Now I’m not saying we need expensive meals and trips out every weekend, as that would be crazy! Something as little as a text telling them you love them.

Today, February 16th, send a text, write a letter, call a friend, make a little gift; do something to show your loved ones you care about them. As I believe happiness is the ability to love others and show them how you feel.

Tell someone you love them. Make a new friend. Spread love.

Until next time.


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