Who remembers when the selfie first came about? You heard the word – selfie – “What is it? It’s a pretty cool word”. But did you know it would take over the world? Yes, it basically has taken over the world. Ask anyone what the word selfie means ant they will know! Trust me.

We take selfies doing absolutely everything, and we probably shouldn’t. I am guilty……

Pet selfie
“These are not my glasses but I think I look cool” selfie
The ‘pre-workout’ selfie
The ‘post-workout AND dog’ selfie (i’m going to hell!!)
‘OOTD’ selfie
‘Just woke up’ selfie and you ACTUALLY have and just look ugly
‘I’m on holiday and you aren’t’ selfie
AND an all time favourite, a ‘druken’ selfie

So I’m just as bad as all you guys. And there will be many people saying “oh how annoying is she posting all them awful selfies…” But who cares?! If you enjoy yourself,


Later on hippies!


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