So it’s day one of my new weightloss plan. I’m going to trial the vegan ‘raw til 4’ meal plan. I think this meal plan is fab because incorporates two vegan lifestyles. It includes the raw vegan lifestyle, but just until 4 pm.

People following this diet usually start their day off with a large smoothie containing 10 bananas, have a large salad for lunch and snack on fruits such as figs, mango’s and dates. And then 4 pm hits and you are free to cook away! For example, cook sweet potatoes, quinoa, pasta… PANCAKES! (we’ll get onto pancakes in a minute)

However, some people following this meal plan opt for the monomeal at lunch time. This means eating just one item for lunch, such as eating 6 mangoes. While this is interesting and easy to eat, I don’t like the idea of this. For starters, I don’t think I’d like to eat that many of one thing in one go, I’d just get bored and not want to eat. But I will give it a try one day… Maybe. Then, think about it? That’d be like a 800 calorie lunch… Like really? I want to lose weight, not eat my weight in one item. I suppose with lots of exercise that’d be good, but hmm… na.

So anyway, today I have eaten bananas, salad and PANCAKES. I have had a very busy day and haven’t actually eaten much. I was just looking forward to eating my whole calorie intake in pancakes tonight. Yeah, I was pretty excited for pancake day today. This year is the first time I am making pancakes, and actually eating pancakes for a few years (due to my ed) so it is safe to say I was pretty excited for this. I decided to make an adaption of a Banana Pancake recipe I found on the Internet. So, how did it turn out?…..

… Okay, so they taste fabulous! but… They don’t look great. Here’s the recipe. I will keep working on it and update again with an improved recipe and much better looking pancakes.

  • 120g Buckwheat Flour
  • 125ml Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1/2 tbsp Truvia
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 Banana for the top

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowel.

Mash half of the banana, and mix with the almond milk.

Add oil to the pan and heat it up. Add half of the batter into the pan when it is sizzling into 3 pancake shapes. And keep turning over until cooked.

Add the rest of the banana to the top and taaa daaaa! My rubbish looking, odd shaped pancakes.

So they look rather bad… but they tasted incredibly good. So bothered??????

I challenge you to make your own, any recipe, any ingredients and take a picture! Be proud of your pancakes however bad they look.

Enjoy the rest of your pancake day. Catch you later.



Every year on Valentines I see girls being spoiled by their partners – going on romantic trips, getting lots of presents, eating out in over priced restaurants. I have never believed in this, not because I may not have a boyfriend but because why is February 14th the day to show your partner you love them? You should do this every day. You should make your other half feel loved every single day. Randomly take them out for a romantic day. And that is not just men taking out women – try it vice versa.

And not only your partner, what about your friends? Family? Show them you love them each and every day. Now I’m not saying we need expensive meals and trips out every weekend, as that would be crazy! Something as little as a text telling them you love them.

Today, February 16th, send a text, write a letter, call a friend, make a little gift; do something to show your loved ones you care about them. As I believe happiness is the ability to love others and show them how you feel.

Tell someone you love them. Make a new friend. Spread love.

Until next time.


Who remembers when the selfie first came about? You heard the word – selfie – “What is it? It’s a pretty cool word”. But did you know it would take over the world? Yes, it basically has taken over the world. Ask anyone what the word selfie means ant they will know! Trust me.

We take selfies doing absolutely everything, and we probably shouldn’t. I am guilty……

Pet selfie
“These are not my glasses but I think I look cool” selfie
The ‘pre-workout’ selfie
The ‘post-workout AND dog’ selfie (i’m going to hell!!)
‘OOTD’ selfie
‘Just woke up’ selfie and you ACTUALLY have and just look ugly
‘I’m on holiday and you aren’t’ selfie
AND an all time favourite, a ‘druken’ selfie

So I’m just as bad as all you guys. And there will be many people saying “oh how annoying is she posting all them awful selfies…” But who cares?! If you enjoy yourself,


Later on hippies!


I need to tell someone. I need a voice.

As quite a few people know I have suffered with mental illnesses for a number of years and you know what, IT SUCKS. But I have to keep fighting and live with it.

Now I’m not going deep into it. But do you know what mainly started it off… Healthy eating and THE MEDIA. I was slim all through my childhood and teenage years at school, but suddenly the media talking about healthy eating and showing all these size 0 models. I was like hey? They look good. Then this new amazing, wonderful app was developed… MyFitnessPal.

I jumped on it! I was shocked to see how many calories were in the things I was eating. It was crazy. So I monitored what I was eating. I eat 3 meals a day, including 3 snacks. BUT, they were drastically low in calories. I ended up eating a maximum of 800 calories per day. THEN, I started skipping meals because WOW the feeling you get when you jump on the scales and you’ve lost!! It felt amazing. I’m sure everyone has felt that feeling.

Now I knew I was skinny, but I wanted to be perfect, which meant getting as low a number as I could on the scales. This resulted in me being dangerously low… Below 5 stone. But I didn’t have a problem.

I went to see a Dietician and she helped me gain weight to be healthy again. Oh that was so hard, eating lots of cheese and eating big portions from my mum. It was fine. Until the loss of control started to eat me up (nice pun ay!). I started controlling my intake again. I controlled the amount of food put on my plate. I threw the lunch my mum made me in the bin. I became 5 stone again.

ALARM BELLS… I do have a problem. But I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t stop controlling it. I couldn’t stop the feeling food gave me. But I hated the way I looked. I became more and more depressed because I was a failure. I lost weight but I couldn’t put it on. All I could think about was food. I couldn’t revise for my A levels because all I could hear in my head was food… food… food…

I became so low that suicide was the only option. My life was hell. Everyone around me, their life was hell. I went into self-destruct mode and no one could stop me. I had counselling appointments, but they couldn’t help me? They were talking rubbish at me. Who cares? I want to die so I will.

Eventually it got too much and on my 18th birthday I was sent to hospital and didn’t leave for a month. I was recovering. It felt amazing at times.

But has it all stopped? No. I still continue to struggle. I am no longer “that skinny girl with an eating disorder”, who am I? So, I became a vegetarian. I needed an identity, and control. Still I need control. Still I am depressed. Still counsellers are talking to me, telling me what to do. Still I try. But I can’t. I’m bipolar. But I’m fine? I need control. I am a vegan. But now… I am fat.






I hope this motivates you to share you story. Mental health awareness is needed. Don’t be ashamed. Share it. Get help. Life is for living. Not hiding. I am starting my journey to happiness and healthy weight loss. We all need a voice to express emotions. Use yours.





Welcome to blondvegan’s world…

I am a young adult with a passion for living a fulfilling life. The most enjoyable things I find life involves is: family, friends, shopping for unique finds, following new fashion trends and news, eating good food – all in all, leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

I have always enjoyed reading others blogs and in 2014 I finally plucked up the courage to build my own blogging platform. Here I will share my life with you all.

I enjoy putting together different clothing items and creating my own unique style. I also do the same in the kitchen with ingredients and cooking up a yummy storm!

This is where the journey begins… Join me.